Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 for Tuesdays: Papa's Got a Brand New ______?

Ok, so you totally aced Mother's Day 2011, finding mom the PERFECT gift that showed how much she means to you and how much you care. She fawned over it and told all her friends about it.

Yay you!

But guess what is right around the corner... yep, Father's Day. June 19, 2011.

But dads are dudes. And most dudes are hard to buy for because they pretty much like anything you give them. And if your dad is one of those picky dads, then they are hard to buy for because they're picky!

That is why, every Father's Day, 1,148,327 ties are given as gifts in June and 1,148,326 are donated the following September.* 

Children of all ages panic and resort to this simple equation:
IF Men Wear Ties AND Dad Is A Man THEN Dad Needs Tie

*We totally made this figure up.

We know that if you are reading this blog then you must be a hip, savvy internet shopper--refusing to ever get dad another <snore> tie. This year, we'd like to change your mind about that perennial Father's Day gift. If you think your dad is "too cool" for boring, conservative ties check our selection of hip neckwear.

This 45 Record Adapter Tie is anything but ordinary.

Might be his single favorite tie. 

Time for a new equation: 
IF you think your dad rocks AND this tie rocks THEN your dad will rock in this tie.  

Ok, ok. So your dad really NEVER wears ties, but he still love to rock. And we bet he drinks coffee.

The Amp'd Up Guitar Amplifier Mug is perfect on those mornings when the caffeine needs to go to 11!

Get Amp'd in the morning with this oversized, porcelain coffee mug! 

A great "son reflecting on (grand)fatherly wisdom" song that is not "Cat's in the Cradle" or any other song buy a guy name Cat, is the Faces "Ooh La La". Apparently then-member of The Faces, Rod Stewart, didn't think the song was worthwhile so Ronnie Wood handled the lead vocals. With all due respect, Mr. Stewart, but we think you were wrong.

Ooh La La-Faces (1973)

What do you do if your father is Hank Williams, Sr? In "Family Tradition", Hank Williams, Jr. puts it, er, bluntly.

Hank Williams, Jr.'s Greatest Hits (1982)

We think ol' Hank 2 had his tounge firmly planted in his cheek. And while we typically favor the songs of his father (and his son), "Family Tradition" features a rousing sing-along call and response pre-chorus that we are a sucker for every time.

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