Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidential Quirks

In honor of President's Day, we would like to take a moment to remember two great men, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Sure, they were both exceptional presidents, but who had quirkier quirks? To try to answer this, we offer this rather trivial trivia competition between Washington and Lincoln using some of our favorite products from

George: First president with false teeth...

Abe: First president to wear a beard...

Wooden teeth = splinters inside the mouth (ouch). Bonus: beards are hip.

George: Notably fond of whiskey, gin and cocktails...

Abe: Notably fond of going to the theater...

Lincoln's love of the theater didn't end so well.

George: "Could not tell a lie" about cutting down a cherry tree

Abe: "Walked for miles" to refund a customer

Washington's legend is probably just that, but Lincoln's honesty was legendary.

George: Favorite food was ice cream

Abe: Favorite food was apple pie

Being a fan of ice cream before refrigeration shows a true sweet (albeit wooden) tooth!

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