Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sony Retires the Cassette Walkman After 30 Years

We were saddened to read the story "Sony Retires the Cassette Walkman After 30 Years" on Mashable.com.

Goodbye Walkman. We loved you. We had your bright yellow "Sport" model. We had numerous off-brand cassette players, each with their vaguely Japanese-sounding high-tech names (GPX, Sansui, Magnavox!), and every possible variety of headphones known to man--each with its own set of foam ear covers, headbands, bendy wrap around the ear attachments and other ear torture devices. But we kept buying you over. And over. And over.

Until our short-lived affair with the portable CD player.
And, then, MP3's.

Which brings us to the present. And while we have chosen to embrace the digital age we know, in our heart, that a mix CD will NEVER be as cool as a Mix Tape.

So we'd like to celebrate the venerable portable music player with these oh-so-retro and hip cassette items. And they're on sale for 15% off now through Sunday, 11/21/2010 at Urbangeneralstore.com.

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